Monday, 22 March 2010

Spring's Arrived - & Marking's Finished!!!

I've had my head down, marking like fury, for weeks - but it's done now. All that's left to do is seal the boxes & call the courier to collect.

YAY!! :-D

I've finally managed to wrench myself away from the CCF Fan Page on Facebook, too ... I can't believe the rate at which fans are piling on there - it's BRILLIANT!! 61 new people joined whilst I was asleep last night (& 51 the night before) - PLUS those who join during the day. Of course, fans are arriving from all over the world - so we're all in different time zones - which adds to the excitement of it all.

We've nearly reached our initial 2,500 goal & it's showing no sign of slowing down. Fan-Tas-Tic!!!

We're off to see the Onc this afternoon, for her pre-Cycle 7 assessment. 2 Cycles to go. 4 more chemo days in all.

She's had so much energy since she recovered from the Norovirus that we're really optimistic that the treatment's really working!!! Fingers remain firmly crossed.

Kris, from CCF, is in surgery at the moment in Sweden. All my VERY, VERY best wishes to you, Kris. I'm sending LOADS of positive thoughts & hugs & good vibes to you & your family for a spectacularly successful outcome.

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