Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 1 - Last Cycle

It was damned hard to wake her up this morning, but we got to the hospital just as her bags of Gem/Cis were being delivered. The Chemo Unit is on the 10th floor of the hospital & the sun was pouring through the windows as they set up her cannula & IV.

Another friend is due to visit the Unit this afternoon & will ensure she's okay getting back at the end of today's treatment - so I left her, happily giving encouragement to a little baby girl who was just learning to stand & was attempting to take her first steps.

Now I'm home, I really should get down to prepping for tomorrow's class (I'm teaching at 9am) ... but, as I said, the sun's pouring in the windows & I'd much rather be doing this ... !!


MARK said...

Hang in there Julia - Day 1 of the last cycle - wow, that is great! She's in our thoughts and prayers - tell her "Hey" from the other side of the pond for me -
Mark ( blog)

LaLupes said...

Thank you, Mark!!! :-D x