Thursday, 8 July 2010

11 Weeks Post-Chemo

Well, more roller-coaster rides since I last wrote, but she's gradually getting the accumulated poison out of her body & is steadily looking - & feeling - better.

Slowly, slowly, slowly.

We've had some fevers & some nausea, vomiting, sweating & chills, but the progressive improvement is clear.

We saw the Onc for her post-chemo scan results & then for her 6 week follow-up & he was very pleased with her results; peritoneal mets can no longer be seen & the main tumour hasn't grown since the baseline scan. If it starts growing again in the longer term, they'll try this regime again; if in the shorter term, they'll try something else. He made it clear that this chemo is only one option, not the only option.

I like that man ... & I'm very, very proud of my sister.


Lizzie99 said...

Julia, absolutely fab news....!!

Please pass on my very best wishes to Susan, obviously your excellent nursing care and support x x

LaLupes said...

Thank you!! She's actually gone out for the day (which is brilliant), so I'll give her your message when she gets back.