Monday, 9 May 2011

Pre-Cycle 7 Check-Up

Nice, chilled journey to the Onc, as we had enough time to get the local Overground train (empty at this time of day), rather than playing sardines on the tube - lol.

We've had so many Bank Holidays recently that there are signs all over the place, warning that this afternoon's clinic is packed to the gills. Since it's usually a 1-2 hour wait on a "quiet" day, I dread to anticipate the wait we'll have today.

The odd thing is, there aren't actually very many people here but the Blood Test counter is moving sooooo slooooowly.

Sue's awaiting sign-off for Cycle 7, but it seems WEEKS since Cycle 6 ended. She's had a rough time this week but is looking much better &, overall, is feeling much stronger these days. The Chemo effect is really cumulative, though & she gets so, so tired really quickly.

We're all really looking forward to the end of this course of Chemo &, hopefully to my lovely sister having a GOOD length of time feeling well - & having a laff - again.


It's been an hour's wait up to now & she still hasn't reached the top of the Bloods list!! There are 2 people taking blood - how can they take an hour to extract samples from 10 people??

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