Thursday, 26 January 2012

Not A Good Day

Susan's very confused today (as in toxin build-up). The Hospice has no available appointments; the Macmillan Nurse is on leave & the rest of the Palliative Team is snowed under, so no one can visit; our GP "doesn't have the facilities to carry out the necessary tests" so told us to go to A&E in the morning. The Macmillan Nurse can't understand why the GP won't visit; the Hospice thinks it's crazy for Sue to spend hours at A&E when any tests could be done there ... & me?? I feel like a punchbag & am blummin' exhausted.

And what are those "necessary tests"??

1. Liver function

2. Renal function

3. Chest infection

4. Urine infection

If all those tests are clear, they should schedule another scan.

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