Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thursday - End of 1st Chemo Cycle

Yesterday was Day 8 of Chemo Cycle 1 & seems to have gone very well, although it took longer than Day 1 (6 hours instead of 5). I couldn't go, 'cos I was teaching 9.00 - 2.30, but Franco went with her.

It took 5 attempts to get the cannula in this time (it looked soooo easy last week) as her veins hid whenever a needle came near, so Franco's attempt to teach her to crochet had to be aborted as every time she twisted her wrist to regulate the tension of the cotton, it set her drip alarm beeping.

But some BRILLIANT person did the Race-For-Life recently & donated 4 portable DVD Players to the Chemo Unit, so sis & Franco watched DVDs, chatted & giggled.

They don't have many DVDs, though - so if anyone out there has any to spare, please donate them to the Guy's Hospital Richard Dimbleby Day Centre & earn the patients' (& visitors'!!) eternal gratitude.

My new TV is due to be delivered this afternoon, then tomorrow I pick up the new lamp - I'm getting excited. This retail therapy lark is quite fun!! :o)

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