Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thursday Evening - Start of Party-Season!!

This has been a MUCH better week.

The taste changes my sister has been experiencing came through quite strongly during the early part of this week, though - nothing tasted nice at all. She kept asking if my food was completely tasteless, too - but nope, mine wasn't.

I did solve part of the "anything mint-flavoured burns my mouth" problem, though - I bought her "Punch & Judy" children's toothpaste (both the Strawberry & the Tutti-Frutti flavours) & it works!!! (Sadly, Sensodyne also has mint-flavouring, Jean. I couldn't believe it when I saw that ... even their children's version does.)

We both had Swine 'Flu jabs on Monday - sis has to have TWO, because of her weakened immune system & I had to have one, as a Carer. My whole body turned to lead & I felt absolutely lousy for 24 hours. I'm much better now, though & we're off to a neighbour's birthday party in our pre-Christmas glad-rags.

I had a great afternoon, bra shopping. There was a lovely fitter in the M&S changing room who - very diplomatically - pointed out that I was wearing the wrong bra-size. After being properly fitted, I feel very svelte & chic. Gok would be proud of me!!! :o)

Yesterday, when I was suffering post-'flu-jab lethargy, sis made a wonderful meal - with Mash & Red Cabbage - & was over the moon when she found she could actually TASTE it. Brilliant news!! Maybe the numb tastebuds are an immediate post-chemo side-effect, rather than a long-term problem.

Another brilliant highlight of this past week was talking to Pauline from the CC Foundation. It was fantastic to talk to her & hopefully, we'll meet after Christmas & try & do something together to sort out the lack of communication about CC at the specialist hospitals. There are such wonderfully supportive people on that marvelous CCF website, all spiraling along the same sod-awful emotional roller-coaster, & it makes me feel much less alone knowing they're out there.

Bless us all ... xx

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