Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day!!

We've had the most lovely Christmas Day. Lunch was wonderful - home-made leek & potato soup to start, then honey roast gammon, REAL baked potatoes (oven, not microwave), sprouts, parsnips & carrots. My sister did the cooking; mum & I fought over the washing-up. I won.

Then ... Doctor Who.

I haven't updated this blog for a while - but I'm pleased to say that's a sign that all's progressing well. The whole of the 3rd chemo cycle passed smoothly. Her energy levels fluctuate, but in general they're pretty-damn good. It was great to hear that the chemo hasn't affected her taste this time round. The prospect of that wonderful lunch tasting of metal just doesn't bear thinking about!!

We had very sad news earlier in the week when we heard 2 of her friends from hospital hadn't made it to Christmas. They were both so very ill & neither was a candidate for chemo. Dear Rosa; Dear Janet - you are very much in our thoughts. Our love to you & your families.

We saw the Oncologist on Wednesday. She was very pleased with how well my sister is tolerating the treatment & has given her the go-ahead for Cycle 4 to start next week. There had been talk of it being put back a week, as the Onc didn't think they'd be able to slot in her follow-on appointment before the new year & the next cycle can't start until after the Onc has seen her. I'm very glad there won't be a break in the cycle after all.

I've been very busy with teaching cover over the past few weeks & was very pleased with my pay-cheque this month. Work should drop off dramatically in the new year, so it's good to have that extra cushion in the Bank. Mind you, I wasn't expecting any work at all this academic year, so maybe I shouldn't make any assumptions for the new year; I'll just sit back & see what work the colds & 'flu seasons throw my way.

Happy Christmas to everyone. I hope your Day was as lovely as mine. xxx

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