Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year's Day!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!! 2010's been great, so far ... long may it continue to be so!! :o)

She had a really rough chemo session on Wednesday - that was Day 1 of Cycle 4. All seemed to be going smoothly & she even got out early, but she fell asleep on the bus coming home & just felt progressively worse as the evening went on.

She was due to go with friends to Hastings the next day, to see the Blue Moon, which was scheduled for last night (no, I hadn't thought they existed, either - but they do!!). Until about 11 o'clock yesterday morning, it was still touch-&-go whether she'd be well enough to make the journey. Thank goodness for her friends, who had arranged everything so she could sleep in the car going down - & for the whole visit, if necessary. They bundled her into the car & off she went.

She came back this afternoon positively GLOWING - & full of stories of the sea & the sky & the stars & the fireworks & the moon & ... & ... & ...

I, on the other hand, stayed in London & slept through the whole thing. :o)

What a lovely, lovely way to say goodbye to one decade & hello to the next ... fast asleep. No blurring of the boundaries by being awake at midnight; no hangover to start the new year.


I hope we all have a great year - as happy, as content & as healthy as we can be.


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