Monday, 4 April 2011

Back in A&E

North Mid A&E is becoming rather too familiar to us lately. She's been doing pretty damn well, over all, but her temperature shot from 37 to 39 degrees within the space of half an hour this evening - so ... here we are again.

She finished Chemo Course 2; Cycle 5; Day 8 on Thursday (well, it was Day 9 actually, but her bloods got lost between the blood unit & the testing lab on the Wednesday, so they'd had to postpone treatment for a day). Oddly, it was after Cycle 5; Day 8 of Course 1 (February last year) that she had her first "episode", culminating in a dash to the North Mid, accompanied by wailing sirens (theirs) & projectile vomiting (hers).

We've been moved to an Examination Room & she's having her bloods taken (they seem to have found a vein at last; it's never as easy as they think it will be). She looks very pale & rather waxy, but her temp does seem to be coming down.

(My phone battery is running low - will conserve it & update later ...)

HA!! I've found a spare power socket in a corner & am sneakily "appropriating" NHS electricity to charge my little "lifeline to the outside world" :-D

... Back Soon ...

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