Thursday, 28 April 2011

My lovely sister's BIG BIRTHDAY

Susan celebrated her significant birthday yesterday.  Her Oncologist had done his best to rearrange her chemo date so she had a chance of being nausea-free on her birthday, but it wasn't possible, due to a fortnight crammed to the gills with Bank Holidays (Good Friday, Easter Monday, Royal Wedding, Spring Bank Holiday ...)

So ... if she couldn't have a birthday celebration without chemo, she decided she wouldn't have chemo without a birthday celebration.

I bought her a big cake, parceled up some napkins, paper plates, forks & a knife & she took her birthday into the chemo unit & had a party there!!

Those of you who know me on Facebook may have seen the photos & will already know how successful this was.  I was afraid that some people may be offended at the prospect of "frivolity" in such a sensitive place, but no one was.  The staff & patients all shared her cake & wished her a very happy birthday.

She has asked me to thank everyone who has been so kind, empathetic & supportive since her diagnosis 18 months ago & particularly to thank those cc friends who posted birthday greetings on my Facebook Wall.

THANK YOU for making my lovely sister's BIG BIRTHDAY such a rip-roaring success.

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