Thursday, 2 June 2011


They've decided to keep her in for at least one more night, as her blood pressure is so low. She's in a side room "for her own protection"; she'll hate that.

They're being incredibly thorough. Before I left this morning, they took her off the saline drip & put her on a mix of saline & potassium, as her potassium level was quite low. Then, this morning, they gave her a CT Scan & got in touch with Guy's Onc Dept. If Guy's want her transferred to them, North Mid will arrange it.

They're doubting it's a bacterial infection on this occasion but are suspecting either a reaction to last week's Chemo, or our old friend the Norovirus.

I'm SOOOO DIZZY!! I got home at 06:30 this morning & managed to sleep until 10:00 but I feel totally jet-lagged. Still, I always feel hospitals are foreign countries - with A&E Depts being on another planet entirely - so it's not really surprising.

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