Monday, 13 June 2011


We were the last to be seen, having waited 2 hours beyond her appointed time - but it was worth waiting.

After hearing about Sue's recent infection, the Onc suggested she stop Chemo now. She said 7 Cycles is good & missing the 8th won't compromise the benefits she's already received from the treatment - so stop now & let her body recover.

The Onc is sure the infections which keep clobbering Sue are coming from the stent, internally, rather than being picked up from outside. The Onc Team will talk to the Gastro Team to compare the North Mid's latest scan with Guy's previous scans & see if the stent needs changing. (Metal stents can't actually be changed, but they can be looked at, & cleaned/expanded as necessary.)

Now she's off Chemo, she's at less risk of these sudden, violent infections, although not totally risk-free. Once the stent's checked & sorted, the risk will reduce even further.

We'll know more in 2 weeks, when blood & scan results have been assessed by the Oncs, but tonight we can celebrate the start of a new period of stability.

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