Thursday, 14 July 2011

ERCP & After

After the scan & bloods were analysed, the Onc decided to proceed with an ERCP (camera down the throat & into the bile ducts ...) to see if there was any issue with the placing or condition of the stents.

We were told it would be a day-procedure, but I could have told them it would be a longer stay than that. Last time they had to fiddle with her stents, she was very ill indeed. This time wasn't so bad, but she still had to stay in overnight. Her lovely friend, Paul, took her in, stayed with her pre-&-post procedure & returned to collect her & bring her home the next day.

Since then, she's slept about 22 hours a day. It may be post-Chemo or post-ERCP fatigue, but it's very distressing for us both. I go into hospital for my 2nd TKR (total knee replacement) on Monday & she wants to stay here during my hospital stay & subsequent convalescence. I'm dreading leaving her here alone whilst she's so incapacitated.

Hopefully, she & her Mac Nurse (Dorothy) can come to some arrangement, which will reassure me & keep Susan's independence. I think Dorothy's due to visit again tomorrow.

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