Monday, 12 October 2009

Another Monday's Arrived Already!!

I can't believe another teaching weekend is creeping up on me & I still haven't posted since the last one!!

It's been two whole weeks since she came out & she's doing well; we're all doing well, in fact. In many ways, the trickiest bit has been the fact she's under doctor's orders to regain the weight she lost in hospital - but, however hard she tries, I seem to be the one who's putting it on!! She does find it rather ironic that she should be ordered to eat for England, after all the money she spent at WeightWatchers getting her weight down in the first place, but she did lose a lot during her stay in hospital & appreciates the need to increase her energy levels before starting chemo.

I, of course, have no such reason to pile on the pounds - &, if I don't stop trying to match her intake, I'll have to start paying at WW again. I've been at my Gold weight for 2 years without ever being charged - & last week I was RIGHT ON THE BORDER ... one more measly ounce & it'll start costing me again. If that isn't an incentive, I don't know what is!! :o)

My new guest bed arrived last week & it is - without a doubt - THE most comfortable bed I've ever owned. I've been sleeping like a log every night since I got it. I had to go & buy a set of Allen Keys to put the headboard on, but - wha'th'hell - it's GORGEOUS. I'll forgive any little niggle for the sake of a good week's sleep.

Talking of sleep, Laura's started to divide her nights between my sister's bed until the early hours & then mine until I get up. The only problem with her choosing this particular arrangement is that, when it's my turn for her company, she doesn't walk round the bed to get to her chosen sleeping spot, she walks straight across me. At 4am, it's not the most restful experience to be trampled by an adult cat who is putting on weight at the same rate as her human!!!

Oh well, my new bed is calling me. I'll try & post again soon. Night, night all.

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