Saturday, 17 October 2009

Teaching Weekend - Saturday

She's now put on an overall 1.5kg, since she came out. I was sooooo ungruntled with my own eating pattern yesterday, that she bought me a handful of Thorntons' Continental Chocs to comfort me. Some of you may consider that cruelty in the extreme, but she did succeed in cheering me up no end & I lost 0.2 kg on them; I'm now back under my acceptable limit of 5lbs over Gold.

PHEW!! Thanks, honey ... & bring on the Thorntons!!! :o)


Lizzie99 said...

Hi Julia, well done to Susan on the gain!! With me it would have to be plain old Cadbury's, can't beat it....

I have done slimming world in the past and got to my goal weight then went off track slightly!! Thinking of you both, have a pleasant weekend, Katie x

LaLupes said...

Just realised you're here (I've not been on for a while - better get back to it).

I keep telling myself going off track's acceptable ... but ... ;o)