Friday, 30 October 2009

Friday - Chemo Day 3

We're into a new phase now; chemo has started. Today hasn't been brilliant but, over all, it's "so far, so good".

We met her Oncologist last Monday, then her Chemo Nurse (Hannah) this Monday & she went to be pumped full of toxic chemicals two days ago. When her GP told her she'd be "pretty busy" once Chemo started, I wasn't aware quite how literally he meant it.

She's on a 3-week cycle: Gem/Cis on Day 1 + Day 8 & then 2 weeks off (which, basically, means two Wednesdays on & one Wednesday off).

The treatment took 5 hours in all;

1. Water Tablet
2. Saline drip (half hour)
3. Anti-nausea meds
4. Gemcitabine drip (half hour)
5. Saline flush
6. Cisplatin drip (one hour)
7. Saline & mineral drip (one hour)
8. Home until next time

She said she felt nothing during the treatment & has been feeling pretty okay (apart from exhaustion) since then. Today was the first time she talked of nausea, some tingling & a bit of tinnitus.

It's all so new & so scary, but at least the treatment's started & we're on our way.

... & how am I?? ... I bought a new television (retail therapy never did anyone any harm & I'm not interested in clothes). I wonder what I'll buy next week ... ;o)

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