Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday - & October Already!!

Blimey - it took FOREVER for my legs to stop aching after the teaching weekend; I had to up my painkillers in the end, which has left me feeling queasy. Hrrrumph!!! GRRRR!!!

H-O-W-E-V-E-R ... we have some GOOOOOOD news, too. She's OUT. The docs did the ward-round on Monday & said "you can go". In NHS terms, of course, it doesn't actually mean you "can" go ... it means "begone & free up this bed forthwith, if not sooner".

So, within hours of being told to begone, she bewent ;o)

And here she is - & it's SO GOOD to have her here (if a little disorientating for all 3 of us - sis, me & Laura, who's not sure whose bed to curl up on at the moment).

My new guest bed arrives on Monday. I saw it online & phoned to get some more information on it & was very impressed with the guys who run the website. When they heard why I'm buying such a good (& by no means cheap!!) foldaway bed, they did everything they could to expedite delivery. In the end, I had to reassure them that I'm not actually sleeping on the floor at the moment - I have a perfectly decent sofa bed already - I just want one upstairs which is more for "permanent" use, rather than having to make up the downstairs sofa bed every night & put it away every morning. They phoned me yesterday & said it's arrived from the warehouse, so they'll bring it round on Monday morning.

Ooooh, I can hardly wait!! I so love gadgets!! :o)

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