Friday, 25 September 2009


Seeing the family on Wednesday was BRILLIANT!! When she met me, my great-niece pointed at me & said ... "That". So, clearly, I'm not as little as I thought I was!! It didn't take her long to get her tongue round "Julu", though - so my "That" days may already be over.

Her Grandfather was GUTTED. "She's known me all her life," he said, "& I'm still 'That'."

We went to the new, re-vamped St. Pancras & had our photos taken with the John Betjeman sculpture; then to the British Library for lunch; then to Euston where we put them on the bus to the hospital & waved them off as they headed south. I'm told they all spent the afternoon in the local park, next to the hospital, "& played with the swings ... & LEAVES ... & things" (an in-joke, sorry).

Billy's coming down again but her temperature's "spiking". I was told this was likely after Tuesday's procedure - but no one told her. This "need to know" approach is getting ridiculous - since when did the patient NOT need to know things like that???

I've started to fill the fridge with nice things (rather than the bare necessities which is all I've been running on lately) & will get the bedding ready to change for her arrival back into the bosom of the family - & the family cat.

... Talking of which ... Laura's going to have to get used to having someone else sitting in HER chair. It never was "her" chair, of course; she's always had her own chair - covered with soft cat-friendly fabric & with her favourite toys at hand (sorry, at paw) - but will she sit there?? Will she, heckerslike!! ANYONE else's chair is preferable - particularly if they're just about to sit on it.

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