Friday, 11 September 2009


Billy, Billy, where are you? How are you doing, Billy-Boy?

(No news on Billy today.)

BUT the docs are still talking about the big op on Tuesday. She's been told it's very unusual for surgery to be an option with a diagnosis like hers - it's all down to the individual surgeon & the individual patient. This surgeon believes the op is an option for this patient. That has got to be a seriously positive sign!!!

Mum & I went shoe shopping today in Covent Garden. It was a delightful afternoon. Not only did we find shoes but we found a good place to lunch & then a great place to find presents for those who've been in hospital for a long time.

My sister's ward-mate, who's been in hospital 9 weeks, is due to celebrate her 40th birthday (whilst still in hospital) next week. Mum found the perfect card in The Poster Shop on Neal Street & I found THE present. Where else to go for fun & frivolity (on the present front, that is) than OCTOPUS - also on Neal Street? I so like that shop!! It's truly great.

Anyway, we found card, present, lunch, shoes ... & then went home to collapse.

Today was good. Today I feel hopeful, optimistic & ... broke!!

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