Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Tough Week

It's been a week since I posted. A very tough week.

The BIG OP was cancelled after the pre-op laparoscopy. I don't want to go down the route of how we were "told" (how we "found out" more like); it's not a good route to go down.

But - some good news - the metal stents are now in & are "well-placed for optimal drainage". The procedure was long, painful & very tough on my poor sis. But the damn things are now IN.

Today I went by train from Victoria. Remind me not to do that again, please. There are only 2 trains per hour & there was a group of people on the train to whom I wished to scream (before we'd even left the station) "Have any of you EVER in your ENTIRE LIVES had ONE tiny, infinitesimal moment when you've SHUT THE **** UP??"

But I'm British, so - of course - I didn't.

The bus from Holborn may take forever but at least all I have to do is get on & sit there (oh, & get off again - I almost forgot that stage).

Tomorrow is due to be an exciting day!! My great-niece is bringing her family to visit my sis. I'm going to meet her, her mother, father, grandmother & grandfather at Kings Cross in the morning & then put them on a bus for the hospital. She has a wonderful attitude towards language (my great-niece, that is). She's 18 months old & has already concluded that, if you're not sure you can pronounce it, don't say it; once you know how to pronounce it, say it often.

As a result, her grandparents are currently called "That" & "That" (until she learns how to pronounce "Grandma" and "Granddad"). She hasn't tried calling me anything yet but, as her granddad's little sister, I've dubbed myself "Little-That".

I'm so looking forward to seeing them all.

Love to you all from Little-That.

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