Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday Evening

Still no news on Billy, but I had a lovely afternoon/evening with my lovely sis. She had lots of visitors & just radiated energy. I think we all left feeling positive & uplifted but I know it will have taken a lot out of her.

The docs said this morning that they're anticipating being able to operate next Tuesday. It's positive & scary & positive & scary & ... & ... & ...

She's got a lovely "visitors' book" which a friend bought her last week - plus stickers & coloured pens. Apparently, yer average guest-book is too, too drab, so her friend actually bought her a "Pet Journal" from Paperchase. In the "about me" section, there's a space for her breed details & id number (& I didn't even know she'd been chipped!!) She's currently trying to decide what breed she is. All I can say is it's a feisty breed; a Yorkshire Terrier has been mooted & I suspect that may be pretty accurate - but what's the feline equivalent? Any suggestions welcome!!

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nwstarstuff said...

I think she's Siamese, if you please. She's Siamese if you don't please. She has the tail for it!